Monthly Archive: June 2015


Joe Le Taxi

как они пре­крас­но двигаются!

отко­пал тут на досу­ге ста­рый винт, наткнул­ся на неё. очень ува­жал и уважаю.

в юту­бе нашлось дру­гое испол­не­ние, каких-то 22 года спустя.


ох уж эти ‘ча-ча-ча‘!)

( Vanessa Paradis — Joe Le Taxi )



There will come a time in your life when you will ask yourself a series of questions.
Am I happy with who I am?
Am I happy with the people around me?
Am I happy with what I’m doing?
Am I happy with the way my life is going?
Do I have a life or am I just living?
Do not let these questions strain or trouble you just point youself in the direction of your dreams find your strengh in the sound and make your transition.

офи­ген­ный мотиватор!

( Underground Resistance — Transition )